Friday, February 4, 2011

day seven

Day Seven: Post a photo of your most treasured item. Why is this item special to you? How did you come to own this item?
Now, before you go assuming that my most prized possession is my son pump the breaks! Although he is the GREATEST THING EVER he is not who, or should I say what I'm talking about. I am talking about that wonderful amazing silky blankey he is wrapped up so preciously in. That blanket was(is) mine.  My mother made it when she was a young girl, around 8 or so.  And then she gave it to me! :) Well I carried that thing with me EVERY WHERE. I'm not even exaggerating when I say every where.  It was so giant too...God I love that blanket.  Anyway, in 8th grade my best friend was getting ready to move to Montana and we thought our lives were going to end with out each other.  So what does my smart ass think of?!!? I decide to rip my blanket in half and give her half of it "so she will always have a piece of me with her" We were so gay! Anyway, my sophomore year my mother successfully threw away my half.  Now I say successfully because she had tried numerous amounts of times prior to that at throwing it away...and failed...miserably. SUCKER! Whenever she would throw it away my dad, or my step dad, or someone else would get it out of the trash and give it back. AFTER THEY WASHED IT OF COURSE...although I would have slept with it no matter what.  Well Sophomore year I let my little brother Michael sleep with it because his magically disappeared.  I had ripped a hole through it so I could wear it like an apron and so she couldn't throw it away while I was sleeping.  Clearly my little bro didn't get the memo...hide that blanket whenever you are not going to be home.  She threw it away. *insert sad face here*  Well a few months ago Ikaika and I went to go visit my BFF Ashley and she pulled it out of her storage and we went down memory lane looking at pictures, and reading notes of how boy crazy we were, and how much we loved each other, and then she handed over the blanket. I wanted to cry I was so excited.  That thing is just so soft,and so comforting, and its something that I have that reminds me of my mom.  I have converted Kaika to using that blanket rather than his cute blue blanket given to him as a gift. No No, he will love the silky, and he will keep it forever. And he will be my squishy.  I'm going to go snuggle with him and my our blanket. 

night <3 

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