Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pt two.

(forgot to add pictures!) This was what he wore visiting my mom.

We have family over right now & uncle zach was tired so kaika shared his blanket with him. It was cute cause he's usually a blanket hog.
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Crawling, solids, & zumba

So I have been slacking on my blogs, sorry! I know you all live to read my entries. SIKE!!!!!
So yesterday we went to visit my mom since we won't be able to visit tomorrow. Anyway, we were in the playroom doing tummy time and all of a sudden Ikaika pushes his knees up and crawls backwards. Not just once, but TWICE! Me being the sap that I am, I cried a bitter sweet cry. Not a hysterical one but tears came out. He won't do it again. Haha
A lot of exciting things have been going on with Ikaika. He's growing up so much and so fast!!! We've started him on solid foods. I felt as if I wasn't feeding him enough. He'd always suck on stuff after he are. Now, I understand babies eat everything but it was a different type of chomping. We started with avocado and he LOVED it. Now were on to green beans. On Monday I'm going to go to the store and buy some fresh veggies to make our own baby food. I'm excited. He's getting such a personality it's hilarious and I am so thankful to be able to stay at home and watch him grow.
I started doing Zumba again with my aunt because I an very unhappy with the way I look. I tell you what it locks my butt! In a good way of course. I'm hoping I can stick with it and get my "hot bod" back.

Tomorrow I'm going to start the 30 pictures of me activity. Im pretty excited to do it. My good friend Nicole is doing it right now and its so fun to read, do I think it will be fun!

I'm gonna end on that now because 1) I'm tired as hell. 2) I need to sleep cause I'm going to be busy as hell tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A great way to spend a Tuesday

So today Ikaika and I went to visit my momma. It was such an amazing visit. Back in the day before they switched wardens or whatever.
We got to lay in the kids room and cuddle, we played scrabble, played outside, played with the other was very laid back and nice to have.

It's visits like those that make me depressed when I get home. I miss my mom, her grandson should have to visit her on certain days. He should be able to spend the night, and go to her house on holidays. It sucks, big time. I'm gonna end this one short since I'm already crying and I have barely said anything.

Night <3
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Monday, November 8, 2010


Last night was awesome, Ikaika slept from 8 till 4 (he woke up to poop around midnight, but that was it) ate, went back to bed and then woke up at 8 for the day. It was awesome. I hope he sticks with that trend, lol.
Today was a chill day, lots of sleeping and then we took a walk to my aunts. His first real day of wearing a big boy outfit. The works, a hoodie, t shirt, jeans, shoes. He looked so handsome.
Don't mind the screaming unhappy picture, it was after our walk (see left picture) and he was hungry. He looks so handsome.
I had something I was gonna say but I forgot, dang it! I remember :) that was fast. Lol So, last week I entered Ikaika in a contest to be on the cover of American Baby. I got an email today saying hes a finalist! If he ended up winning we would get 2500 dollars, an all expenses paid trip to New York in February and he be on the cover of the magazine. Wouldn't that be awesome?! So tell your friends to vote for my boogar! It's easy all you have to do is click the vote for me button and type the catch phrase and wuhlah you voted. Here's the link:

K, I'm gonna go to bed.. I put little man in his crib rather than the pack and play or my bed so I don't know how long he'll sleep for
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Woo hoo for awesome weekends

So I've been slacking on my posts for this weekend. Let me fill you in on all the fun we had.
Thursday ( I know that's not the weekend ) I made some bombdotcom chicken lettuce wraps. SO GOOD! After dinner, sonny and I went to my cousin Ryan and Jacksons flag football game. It was fun hanging with the family. Then we went over to Amy and Gregors and watched Toy Story 3. (I Cried, not gonna lie)
Friday, was uneventful...I honestly don't remember what we did. So moving on.
Saturday we went into Vegas. The Black Mountain rec center had a community yard sale. My sister in law Candy had told us about it so she met us there. We pulled out a hundo, thinking that was an ok amount. Let me tell you what we got for the total amount of twenty dollars, for Ikaika. A baby Einstein exersaucer ( I'll tell you a story about that in a minute ) a sports toy where you throw a football, basketball and hit a baseball, a steering wheel toy, a toy he can play with laying down and then stand up and play with when he's older, ten books, five outfits, and a pair of timberland boots. TWENTY BUCKS FOR ALL OF THAT! AWESOME RIGHT!? I thought so. Haha. So about the exersaucer..two vendors were next to each other. One has red fabric, the other green. I ask the lady with the red one how much, she goes "40 buck I'm willing to negotiate" so I tell sonny to ask lady number two. He looks at me and said 5, I then say 5 what? He goes 5 bucks, I said sold. Lol we also got sonny a new golf bag and some clubs for 40. After all of our shopping we went and played with candy and kona. We stayed at joey and joys for the weekend. Went to a birthday party then went home (well joeys) and went to bed.
Sunday was a fun day. We all woke up, Joy made breakfast, we all hung out for a little, Ikaika decided hes tired of being the quiet one and talked up a storm. It was very amusing. Joy and I went to Walmart to get diapers. Ended up with a few Raiders stuff for kaika. Then we went and got mani and pedis, and went shopping. Went back home and watched the Raiders kick some butt...wish I could say the same for the damn Cowboys. Gahhh
Well its bedtime. I'm tired as hell. Night!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

guilty pleasures

Everyone has got them. You can't deny them. They are your guilty pleasures.

Today I went over to my aunt and uncles to see how they were feeling and I happen to come over at the perfect time.  They were Christmas shopping. JACKPOT! So we're sitting there and this was the conversation
Them : What do you want for Christmas
Me : Stuff for the baby
Them : Well we already bought him stuff so what do YOU want
Me : Hell, I don't know...
Them : Guy, your uncle is shopping with his credit card...what do you want?
Me : Let me think
(10 minutes later I think of what I want )

Don't laugh at me when you find out what I asked for okay.  By the way, I am SO STOKED to get my Christmas present. This is where guilty pleasures come into play.  Most people are Trekies, Star Wars freaks, or chicks who can't miss their soap operas.  Mine....Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I know you're probably like WTF...They're like 5.  But they aren't...they're a year younger than me and I shit you not I. am. OBSESSED. I have their tv show So Little Time on DVD, their books, I lost weight in high school so I could fit into their cute ass clothes which were in the little girl section. I'm obsessed dude.  They got me a dvd collection of some of the best movies EVAR! Passport to Paris, Winning London, Getting There, When in Rome, and either Our Lips are Sealed, or Holiday in the Sun... I'm not sure. Either way I'm stoked! I know all the words in each of these movies. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THEM!
I can't wait to watch them, I literally could pee my pants I'm so excited. So now you all know my guilty pleasure. Laugh away if you must. 
Time to go do homework now, BOOO...that is not a guilty pleasure of mine. At. All.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Must. get. sleep.

So, my goal is to write an entry everyday. I don't know how exciting my blog is going to be! Haha

Side note, my dogs about to get thrown away. She won't shut the hell up. It's bedtime and she knows it. I don't know why she thinks tonight is different from every other freakin night. She gets brought inside, she then has to do a trick to get her treat. She then proceeds to run around and try to hump my damn arm. When its Ikaikas bedtime, its Natties bedtime. She knows it, so why is it she's still crying and trying to break out of her cage. SHUT UP NATTIE!

So today I had to suck boogars out of Ikaikas nose at least 7 times. Each time there were a shitload of them, it broke my heart. He screamed bloody murder each time. You can tell his throat is sore now, he sounds all raspy. I hate doing it, but he can't breathe when I don't. It's a poopy situation. I wish there was another way to get them out without hurting him. Gahhhhh

I'm finally tired so I'll finish today blog tomorrow. Night <3

(we went for a walk to my aunts house, perfect photo op. His carrier was soaked by the time we got home)
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Monday, November 1, 2010

monsters, drool, and boogies

So I made this blog a few months ago thinking I'd be able to maintain it. I didn't even post an entry when I made it. Haha

So let me fill you in on what's been going on. :)

This last week was a busy fun week. It was Halloween, and my birthday. We bought Ikaika the CUTEST costume. He was a little monster. I literally die every time I see him in it. And he loves it too! We were going to go trick or treating but just ended up at my aunts. Haha For my birthday we went into Vegas and I got my makeup done, had lunch at Chilis with Shell, Shannon, and Missy. ( you have to try their chicken and green chili soup, its bomb.) Then we went and hung out at my grandparents. When we came home Sonny had a cake (that he made himself) and roses waiting for me. He was very romantic. We went over to my aunt Amys and had dinner. They made us steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions, twice baked potatoes, and cream corn. It was so freakin good. It was the perfect way to spend my birthday.

I don't know what it is lately but I'm kind of distant towards my friends. I'm a big home body, I just want to hang with family and play with my bug. I have a few friends who I talk to and would love to visit more but driving to Vegas is a pain in the butt! Ikaika HATES being in his carseat. So I try to keep it to a minimum. Driving with a screaming baby is very stressful. So I don't do much.

On a side note, Ikaika is becoming such a big boy. He loves to sit up and play. He is infatuated with his hands. I give him toys to play with but he rather chomp on his hands. He LOVES his Baby Einstein videos. He will kick and smile while he watches them. Its so cute, and helpful. I get in some homework and cleaning time while he watches the videos. It's awesome.

Thats really it so far, our life is simple and we love it. I'll update more on a daily or weekly basis. Kaika is napping so I'm going to get one in too, we had a rough day yesterday. He's teething and I think hes getting a cold too so hes not happy at all.