Sunday, November 7, 2010

Woo hoo for awesome weekends

So I've been slacking on my posts for this weekend. Let me fill you in on all the fun we had.
Thursday ( I know that's not the weekend ) I made some bombdotcom chicken lettuce wraps. SO GOOD! After dinner, sonny and I went to my cousin Ryan and Jacksons flag football game. It was fun hanging with the family. Then we went over to Amy and Gregors and watched Toy Story 3. (I Cried, not gonna lie)
Friday, was uneventful...I honestly don't remember what we did. So moving on.
Saturday we went into Vegas. The Black Mountain rec center had a community yard sale. My sister in law Candy had told us about it so she met us there. We pulled out a hundo, thinking that was an ok amount. Let me tell you what we got for the total amount of twenty dollars, for Ikaika. A baby Einstein exersaucer ( I'll tell you a story about that in a minute ) a sports toy where you throw a football, basketball and hit a baseball, a steering wheel toy, a toy he can play with laying down and then stand up and play with when he's older, ten books, five outfits, and a pair of timberland boots. TWENTY BUCKS FOR ALL OF THAT! AWESOME RIGHT!? I thought so. Haha. So about the exersaucer..two vendors were next to each other. One has red fabric, the other green. I ask the lady with the red one how much, she goes "40 buck I'm willing to negotiate" so I tell sonny to ask lady number two. He looks at me and said 5, I then say 5 what? He goes 5 bucks, I said sold. Lol we also got sonny a new golf bag and some clubs for 40. After all of our shopping we went and played with candy and kona. We stayed at joey and joys for the weekend. Went to a birthday party then went home (well joeys) and went to bed.
Sunday was a fun day. We all woke up, Joy made breakfast, we all hung out for a little, Ikaika decided hes tired of being the quiet one and talked up a storm. It was very amusing. Joy and I went to Walmart to get diapers. Ended up with a few Raiders stuff for kaika. Then we went and got mani and pedis, and went shopping. Went back home and watched the Raiders kick some butt...wish I could say the same for the damn Cowboys. Gahhh
Well its bedtime. I'm tired as hell. Night!
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  1. I'm TOTALLY jealous of your loot from the community yard sale!!