Wednesday, November 3, 2010

guilty pleasures

Everyone has got them. You can't deny them. They are your guilty pleasures.

Today I went over to my aunt and uncles to see how they were feeling and I happen to come over at the perfect time.  They were Christmas shopping. JACKPOT! So we're sitting there and this was the conversation
Them : What do you want for Christmas
Me : Stuff for the baby
Them : Well we already bought him stuff so what do YOU want
Me : Hell, I don't know...
Them : Guy, your uncle is shopping with his credit card...what do you want?
Me : Let me think
(10 minutes later I think of what I want )

Don't laugh at me when you find out what I asked for okay.  By the way, I am SO STOKED to get my Christmas present. This is where guilty pleasures come into play.  Most people are Trekies, Star Wars freaks, or chicks who can't miss their soap operas.  Mine....Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I know you're probably like WTF...They're like 5.  But they aren't...they're a year younger than me and I shit you not I. am. OBSESSED. I have their tv show So Little Time on DVD, their books, I lost weight in high school so I could fit into their cute ass clothes which were in the little girl section. I'm obsessed dude.  They got me a dvd collection of some of the best movies EVAR! Passport to Paris, Winning London, Getting There, When in Rome, and either Our Lips are Sealed, or Holiday in the Sun... I'm not sure. Either way I'm stoked! I know all the words in each of these movies. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THEM!
I can't wait to watch them, I literally could pee my pants I'm so excited. So now you all know my guilty pleasure. Laugh away if you must. 
Time to go do homework now, BOOO...that is not a guilty pleasure of mine. At. All.


  1. Oh Mal that's great! Haha I liked them when I was little. (I was HIGHLY disappointed when I couldn't fit in their little girls clothes!!!)

  2. you are crazy! and I totally remember watching those movies with you and cortney and listening to you repeat line after line. I can attest to your obsession