Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Must. get. sleep.

So, my goal is to write an entry everyday. I don't know how exciting my blog is going to be! Haha

Side note, my dogs about to get thrown away. She won't shut the hell up. It's bedtime and she knows it. I don't know why she thinks tonight is different from every other freakin night. She gets brought inside, she then has to do a trick to get her treat. She then proceeds to run around and try to hump my damn arm. When its Ikaikas bedtime, its Natties bedtime. She knows it, so why is it she's still crying and trying to break out of her cage. SHUT UP NATTIE!

So today I had to suck boogars out of Ikaikas nose at least 7 times. Each time there were a shitload of them, it broke my heart. He screamed bloody murder each time. You can tell his throat is sore now, he sounds all raspy. I hate doing it, but he can't breathe when I don't. It's a poopy situation. I wish there was another way to get them out without hurting him. Gahhhhh

I'm finally tired so I'll finish today blog tomorrow. Night <3

(we went for a walk to my aunts house, perfect photo op. His carrier was soaked by the time we got home)
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  1. I've seen the automatic/ mechanical boogie suckers, they're like 20bucks, thinking of getting one 'cuz soph hates "the boogie monster" too.

  2. Do they work better?? Cause man, I feel so bad, his little throat hurts from crying. I feel like a bad mommy