Monday, November 8, 2010


Last night was awesome, Ikaika slept from 8 till 4 (he woke up to poop around midnight, but that was it) ate, went back to bed and then woke up at 8 for the day. It was awesome. I hope he sticks with that trend, lol.
Today was a chill day, lots of sleeping and then we took a walk to my aunts. His first real day of wearing a big boy outfit. The works, a hoodie, t shirt, jeans, shoes. He looked so handsome.
Don't mind the screaming unhappy picture, it was after our walk (see left picture) and he was hungry. He looks so handsome.
I had something I was gonna say but I forgot, dang it! I remember :) that was fast. Lol So, last week I entered Ikaika in a contest to be on the cover of American Baby. I got an email today saying hes a finalist! If he ended up winning we would get 2500 dollars, an all expenses paid trip to New York in February and he be on the cover of the magazine. Wouldn't that be awesome?! So tell your friends to vote for my boogar! It's easy all you have to do is click the vote for me button and type the catch phrase and wuhlah you voted. Here's the link:

K, I'm gonna go to bed.. I put little man in his crib rather than the pack and play or my bed so I don't know how long he'll sleep for
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