Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well hi guys!! I'm so disappointed in myself.  I have neglected my blog beyond belief. Oye!! It's just so hard to keep up with this let alone play on the computer with a ONE YEAR OLD!! Yep Kaika is one now.  Where did the time go!? I miss my little baby boy, because he's not a baby boy anymore.  Today at the doctors they had him stand against the wall to measure his height.  AND not only did they do that, but they said his height in feet opposed to the inches they do for infants.  **insert dramatic tears here**

kaika when he was born! 6 lbs 15 oz 20 inchs long

Kaika and mommy at Uncle Ian and Auntie Lo's wedding.
Year old, 23 lbs 2 1/2 ft tall!

So man, I don't even know where to begin, geeze the last post I made about our lives was in January.  I've got a whole lot of catching up to do.  **big breath**

Kaika started crawling and walking in April, that was a VERY busy exhausting month for mommy.  Baby proofing is nearly impossible.  We've got ourselves an electrician on our hands. And a chef, a geologist, a janitor (woohoo let's hope he keeps up this passion for sweeping when it comes time for chores!) Sonny got his associates in applied science! YAY BABE! I, well I keep the house a flowin.  Although I found out that I could possibly be able to use my GI Bill now due to a new change they made to it.  They say if you've been in for 180 days or more you can use your GI Bill, well guess what folks, I was in waaaay past that. KAAACHING.

Sonny got the job in Ely at the prison! I am so proud of him.  He's in the academy up there right now and Kaika and I are still at the in laws until we can find a place to move to. (DO NOT get me started on that, it's sooo stressing me out. Just check out the zits on my face. gahhh)  Although I am scared that something may happen to him I keep reminding myself I'm not married to no sissy lah lah I'm married to a hunky, buff, brave Hawaiian who knows how to handle himself and someone else if they try to get loco on him.  :) I actually am looking forward to moving out to Ely.  Although I LOVE being a SAHM I am going to work part time up there at the grooming salon I used to work at. YAAAAY!! So I'll be able to live both my dreams.  Staying at home with my perfect little monster, and cleaning dirty doggies! 

kaika swimming!! it's his favorite thing to do. 
opening his first present!! 
Kaika now has 4 teeth, 2 one the top (with 2 more coming in) with a giant gap right between those bad boys! SORRY SON! and the 2 on the bottom.  He knows how to use them and isn't afraid of it either.  He does not hold back.  If he gets mad at you he gets this crazy look in his eyes, starts shaking his head, screams and then tries to bite.  Shizzz hurts! We just celebrated his first birthday and man birthday partys are stressful! We had it at Sonnys brother Joeys house in Vegas.  It was fun, we went with a Toy Story theme because kaika loves Toy Story.  We had a bouncer (thanks to uncle and auntie joey and joy) some hamburgers, hot dogs, fruits, veggies, stuffed cream cheese jalapenos wrapped in bacon (big hit) cake, ice cream, cupcakes, a pinata (which I forgot to pull out for the kids to take a whack at) and Kaika got tons of amazing gifts from everyone.  He loved all of them.  He got a refrigerator toy with farm animals, he likes to eat them.  A sandbox! A ball pit, another stand up toy that makes music thingie mabob, some clothes, books, kid got some awesome gifts. Over all it was a great time, except I was exhausted. lol Kaika LOVES to growl and he growls at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.  He doesn't care, he will growl at you if he wants.  He knows how to shake his head no no, and point his finger and say no no to you.  He's a crack up!! Aww I love my bug.  He's sleeping right now, and writing this I'm smiling and I want to go cuddle with him so I am going to go BUT I promise to keep everyone updated more.
this was his birthday invitations!

mommy and kaika at his birthday party!