Monday, July 4, 2011

funnn with ze cousinnn

Sooo happy 4th of July everyone!!  :) 

Today hasn't been very eventful in the Davis casa.  At 9 am Kaika was in a kiddie parade in our neighborhood.  They all got on their bikes (the little ones walked) and rode around our block...Kaika made it to the end of our street and walked back home.  He had fun though.  It was really cute.  Then we went swimming, and all the time I was trying to get Kaika to take a nap.  He felt that he was a big enough boy to stay up 6 hours straight.  He NEVER does that, he stays up 2 in the am takes his first nap and then like 4 hours later takes a nap.  Not today.  So I've been wanting to make these cookies for the last couple weeks.  They are Oreo stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies.  
Mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as these did.  My cousin Tyler helped me make them.  We're gonna open up a bakery. HA SIKE! But we do make a good team.  Today Sonny has to go back to Ely, so in a few hours I am going to go drive him down to either Coyote Springs or the Loves gas station to meet up with his friend.  I'm not looking forward to that. :( 

Here is a picture of Ty Ty and I being retarded. JAM SESHHH HOLLLA! 


  1. mine weren't as pretty as the recipe blog's pictures, but they tasted delicious!!

  2. Oh mine looked NOTHING like the picture above, but I'm all about presentation and since mine weren't pretty, they weren't photographed. Lol