Saturday, January 29, 2011

day five

Day Five: Post a photo of your favorite memory. Why is this your favorite memory? What made it so special?
This is a tough one. Favorite memory of all time?! I don't have just one.  I have SOOOOOO many. Seriously, I could post pictures for days on this post.  So many great memories. This picture though was a GREAT memory.  It was right before I left for the Air Force. Ayana took Michelle and I to Vivid (what is now Toa) We got trashed. Beyond trashed in fact.  Sex on The Beach was the drink of choice, and I'm pretty sure we each had AT LEAST 10 of them. This bed that we are so seductively posing on was behind the bar and we were the only ones allowed on there. Yeah, we're that good.  Anyway, it was seriously SO MUCH fun.  I remember Shell and I were done for so we called Larry (whom I had the biggest crush on at the time) to pick us up. Luckily he was right down the street.  So we're walking through the Venitan wasted, holding on to each other, trying to find the front doors to meet Larry.  By this point my shoes were off, and I'm walking barefoot around the casino actin a fool.  When we found Larry we jumped in his truck.  Shell threw up quite a few times and all I remember was that her barf was bright pink.  It was hilarious.  That was so much fun.  I always have so much fun with my lover.  Good times, good times.  We actually were just talking about this last week when she was in town.  Gosh that was so much fun.  <3 LOVE YOU LOVER

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